Pembroke has been in the main core since he was a 2 year old.  He is a 3 turning 4 year old neutered.  He made the team for the 2020 Iditarod.  He was still in the team when all the dogs got sick on the coast.  He was a key team player with a cheerleader attitude all the way.  He also finished the Fort Saint James 200 and the Canadian Challenge 340 this year, all injury free.  He is a quiet dog who comes when he is called and returns to his house off leash.  $2000



Oreo is a neutered male, he is 4 turning 5 years old.  He has been a steady main player in our team.  He finished the Iditarod in 2018 and made the team in 2019.  He has finished many mid distance races and has always been injury free.  He is a steady smooth gaited dog.  He weighs 65lbs.  He was returned from the 2019 Iditarod due to a stomach bug.  $1500. 



Rocky as a 2 year old this past season hung in there with main core all the way.  He finished the Fort Saint James 200 in 1st place.  He is a big boy at 65lbs.  Has done some leading.  He is neutered.  2 turning 3 years old.  Injury Free.  $1500



Sky is intact , she is 2.5 years old. 45-50lbs  She is a nice loping hard driving girl.  She has led a little but not consistent yet, definitly leader potential.  She completed the Fort Saint James 200 mile race in 1st place.  No problem!   , We know she would excel in mid/stage racing, skijouring(Canicross) and races up to 300 miles. Injury Free $1500  SOLD



Zuma, sister to Skye, is intact. 2.5 years old. 45-50lbs  Zuma is smooth hard driving girl also.  Zuma did most of the training with the main core this year but there was not enough spots on the racing teams to get her in the lineup.  Instead she was a key dog for tours in Lake Louise where she did lots of leading.  Her leading skills are very promising.  Like Skye, we know she would excel in mid/stage racing, skijouring(Canicross) and races up to 300 miles.  Injury Free.  $1500 SOLD



Tango is intact 3.5 years old.  40-45lbs.  Tango is little shy and would excel better if she was in a smaller kennel.  She is a steady, hard worker especially when paired with the right team mates.  She is a sweet girl who could really blossom in a recreational or racing kennel where she could get a little more one on one. Seavey/Phillips bloodlines.  $300 

More Dogs



Boyscout is an awesome young dog who can lead.  He is neutered, 4 years old, 55lbs.  He can be a little tense unitl he has run multi days in a row, then he is settled and nice to work with.  He ran on my 2020 Kusko team.  He is a smooth runner but not geared to cover over 150 miles.  $1000,   SOLD



Hank is a solid team dog with lots of horsepower.  He is intact, 55-60lbs, 3 years old.  He ran tours all season in Lake Louise and was a solid contributor.  $500.  SOLD



Dora is a high energy girl with a cool personality.  She weighs 45lbs, 4.5 years old and she is in tact.  We feel Dora would be a great one on one dog for running/hiking or she would be an awsome addition to a recreational kennel.  She pulls hard, but would do better in a smaller kennel.  $300




Alpha(brother to Tango) is a 50lb 3.5 year old intact male. He is an awesome peronsality and works hard in the team.  He is a high energy attitude towards his job.  He ran all season in Lake Louise and performed at a high level.  $600.  SOLD 



Patsy (sister to Hank), is a 50lb intact 3 year old female.  Her and Hank worked together all season making a nice duo on the tour trail.  She would be a great addition to a tour program or recreational team, and who knows, she could really travel on the race trail, she has not had the opportunity yet.  $500 SOLD



Foxtrot (sister to Tango and Alpha), is a 45lb intact 3.5 year old female.  She drives and leads.  Tonnes of potential.  We have not had her in the racing program yet, but are willing to let her go somewhere where she has more opportunity to lead and develop.  She led strong all season in Lake Louise this season.  Seavey/Phillips lines, $1000