DPXD2H Mar 07, 2009 – Anchorage, Alaska, USA – AARON PECK waves to fans at start of 37th Iditarod Dogsled Race. (Credit Image: © Ron Levy/ZUMA Press)

There are many ways to describe the Iditarod.

It is an epic journey of man and dog across the wilds of Alaska covering 1000 miles of brutal terrain. It is an adventure that parallels life itself as musher and dogs encounter emotional highs and lows, dealing with adversity on a constant basis. The musher soon realizes that this race is not against the other teams, it is a race against one’s self. The inner struggle the musher goes through with his own mind when it feels like there is no hope is the same struggle we can encounter in real life. The will to not give up and to keep putting one foot in front of the other. This is what the Iditarod embodies – the spirit of relying on your teammates to accomplish a goal and to reach a destination. This message is more important than ever, especially to our youth. That is why Iditarod’s Educational program is such an important part of this Grande event. Teachers from all over North America join together every March with their students to follow the race in their class rooms.


This website is the portal into a whole world of educational tools for teachers to use with their students as a unit for their class. The teachers will use the Iditarod to teach about math, geography, animals and biology and of course the most important thing – Teamwork and Perseverance through adversity! I encourage you to explore what the Iditarod has to offer. You will see that the Iditarod is much more than sled dog race!