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Iditarod Roster


Dakar – Leader – 7 years old – The Lion King of the kennel.  Dakar sits atop his house looking over his pride displaying dominance in all his glory.  We love Dakar and all of his offspring.  He is surrounded at the front of the team with his boys and girls who have learned so much from their papa.  Dakar is also one of the only dogs in the kennel who will play fetch and literally jump into the water to retrieve the prize. – $5000 –

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Big Red – Leader – 5 years old – With his beautiful Red coat, Big Red stands out in the crowd.  His manners are equal to his good looks and also his physical talents.  Red has proven himself to be the main leader of Elevation Dogs poised to take over for his aging Dad Dakar.  We love him dearly! – $3500 – 

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Khaki Leader – 5 years old – is the co-pilot to Big Red often running next to him in lead.  They more and more have the opportunity to show their Papa Dakar what they are made of.  Khaki takes commands very well and is a driving force at the front of the team.  Also a blonde good looker! – $3500 –

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Camo – Leader – 5 years old – Camo is a true soldier at the front of the team, his only minor fault would be that he works too hard sometimes.  He loves his job so much that he pours everything he has into his harness and will sustain this effort for hour on end.  Camo with Red and Khaki and of course the Dad Dakar make an interchangeable front foursome at the front of pack.  Camo loves his kisses! -$3000 –

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Crosby – Team Dog – 5 years old – Crosby named after Sidney Crosby lives up to his name.  Crosby is a genuine sweet heart who does his best to keep the peace amongst the pack.  Although not a leader he is often found near the front of the team helping maintain the momentum pulling us down the trail.  A real champion who handles the stress of the marathon with ease. – $2500 –

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Kunitz – Team Dog – 5 years old – Kunitz is a line mate and littermate to Crosby.  Kunitz looks like a pinto horse with his tan and speckled spots.  A peace keeper like his brother, we really enjoy his presence in the team. – $2500 –

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Dundee – Team Dog – 3 years old – Dundee is not a big dog, he is a dog you hardly ever notice when the dogs are playing around.  He minds his own business and will quietly sneak in for a pet when he sees the chance.  Dundee has some real grit and holds up well when the going gets tough. – $2000 – 

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Huntly – Team Dog – 3 years old – $2000 – A brother to Dundee, Huntly has really opened up over the last year.  His very shy personality required some TLC to help bring out his real character.  Now Huntly is more confident and enthusiastic in the pack.  He is found his place and contributes to the team with his solid work ethic.

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Vapor – Leader – 7 years old – Vapor is a big white handsome fella who can run with the best.  Vapor can lead really well and will be on deck as a backup leader to the other big boys up front.  You wouldn’t guess his age to be 7 the way he can jump around with the youngsters in kennel. – $2000 –

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Chris – Leader – 2 years old – Chris is planning on being a future star leader at Elevation Dogs.  He is very vocal and enthusiastic.  Chris goes absolutely nuts at the first hint of hooking up the team.  He will continue his leader education this year. – $2000 – 

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