Skip – Leader – 2 years old – Skip is long and lean, a real thorough bred.  Skip lopes hard and will certainly be an important part of Team Elevation in the years ahead.  We love his personality and Team spirit. – $1500 –

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Franzi – Team Dog – 2 years old  – The crazy sister to Chris and Skip, she is full of energy and just like her brothers, she never quits.  Franzi tends to be overly concerned with all the other girl’s business as she tromps through the dog yard expressing her dominance.  Yes, she can be a bit of a bully but we work with it knowing that she brings a special toughness to the team. – $1500

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Irene – Leader – 2 years old – the slightly more compact version of Franzi, and often follows Franzi into starting trouble with the other girls.  Irene loves to drive up front and is materializing into an exceptional little leader.  We have noticed her catching on to leader commands already this fall. – $1500

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Oreo – Team Dog – 2 years old – Oreo is a long and lean black and white coloured boy.  He has a huge appetite and tones of energy.  Oreo is a solid team member who pulls his weight often near the back of the team. – $1500 –

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Buffalo – Leader – 2 years old – And yet another offspring Dakar, Buffalo is a super confident young fella with all the right moves.  He can lead, he has a good appetite and he really enjoys the long runs in the cold.  We call Buffalo the cheerleader of the team, he is the first to start barking to go again once we stop.  This awesome attitude really elevates his team mates as well as their musher. – $1500 –

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Bauer – Team Dog – 3 years old – we always know where Bauer is because we can hear her growling.  A growl that we don’t take too seriously, she just likes other dogs to respect her bounderies.  We appreciate her fiestyness. – $1500 –

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Daisy – Leader – 2 years old – Daisy is the opposite to Bauer, Daisy is timid and treds lightly in pack.  We adore Daisy’s sweet temperament and excellent work ethic. – $1500 –

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