Elevation Dogs Operating Budget for the Season 2017/2018. The upcoming season is setting up to be an exciting one for Elevation Dogs. We are launching our Iditarod Campaign with the ultimate goal of becoming the first Canadian Team to win the most prestigious dog sledding event in the world. When looking at these numbers, we are thinking big and planning long term. Understand that this mission may take many years of perseverance to accomplish. To produce a Championship Team, all the variables will need to be looked at and perfected.

  • Cost to feed one high performance Alaskan Husky is $1.00/day, 40 dogs call Elevation Dogs home which accounts to $14,600/year for dog food
  • Mushing equipment including quad (fall training), ski-doo, sleds, booties, dog coats, gang lines, harnesses, personal outdoor gear and parka plus all other survival gear accounts to approximately $15,000 annually
  • Dog acquisitions include dog stud fees, the purchase of 1 – 3 dogs annually to replenish the genepool of Elevation Dogs. These costs could be as high as $10,000 annually
  • A team of people is required to ensure excellent dog care and the main competition dogs successfully complete 3000 conditioning miles.
  • Elevation Dogs has the capacity to house 2 full-time dog mushing apprentices year-round
  • Boarding and monthly stipend adds up to $1200/month per apprentice. Annual costs for two helpers is $28,000
  • Professional costs include veterinarian, nutritional consultant and canine physio/chiropractic care. Annual costs is approximately $5000.
  • THE IDITAROD – The total budget to compete in the Iditarod is $25,000. This number includes many items such as, transportation to and from Alaska, accommodations in Alaska, flights for dogs and people from Nome (finish line), entry fee, food/gear shipment to checkpoints, as well as a host of many other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Online presence is crucial to the success of this project. Maintaining communication with our growing fan base through FB and our website. We will be boosting FB posts regularly, informing local radio stations and newspapers and putting up to date musher and dog info on our website. To maintain this effort the value is approximately $5000.

We care very much about our fans and sponsors and will go to the limits to make sure everyone is involved and in the know as to the progress of the team year-round. The ultimate vision for Elevation Dogs is to give the entire country of Canada something huge to be proud of when Aaron and his dogs arrive in Nome in FIRST PLACE. In order to create something great, a great effort is required and Aaron and his Team at Elevation Dogs are the ones to make it happen! So, let’s get on board and let’s MUSH!